YR10 Building Healthy Relationships Day


All year 10 students at GAC took part in an Ethos and Values Day dedicated to ‘Building Healthy Relationships.’ The purpose of the day was to help students’ make healthy choices about sex and relationships through engaging lessons, workshops and drama with specialist external guests.

Guests included regular visitors to the school, Loudmouth, the theatrical education company, who showcased scenarios concerning alcohol and substance abuse and its impacts. Other workshops featured discussions on teenage pregnancy and the difference between love and lust.

The impact of the day, organised by the Ethos Team, was highlighted in student feedback surveys, with 90% of students stating that the ‘feel better prepared to make healthy choices about sex and relationships, and 94% of students maintaining that they ‘know where to go to get confidential help or advice.’

When asked what important details they had learnt from the day, students responded with the understanding that ‘such a thing like alcohol, which as portrayed as not such a bad thing, can have devastating effects’. Another student commented that ‘my perception has been altered – to view relationships/sex more maturely.’

Students are aware that they can discuss any concerns they have with the School Nurse at her lunchtime drop-in.