French Food Friday



On Friday 17th February, Miss Jones’ Year 8 French class hosted a languages café at lunch in the food technology room. The class spent the lesson before lunch preparing some unique French foods before presenting them to visitors using their new French vocabulary.

Some of the French food on display included pain au chocolat, croissants, crepes and brioche with jam. One of the students from the class, Patryk Gorcewicz, said ‘The food was amazing and I enjoyed myself this lesson… I would love to do it again.’ Patryk also brought in some Polish toffee, and another student, Alice McCarthy, made Welsh cakes at home to bring in for the day, giving the café a more global feel.

Miss Jones enjoyed the event immensely, saying ‘It was very exciting to hear my Year 8 students speaking French in an authentic context.’ Several lessons before the big day were spent on learning the vocabulary needed to talk about French foods and ordering it in restaurants. This French class clearly put it to good use!

Alex Varga showed that he enjoyed himself when he said ‘It was great on the taster day and we spoke a lot of French. I had fun speaking the language with my fellow classmates. C’est excellent!’

Not only did the class make and prepare the food, but they had to serve it to visitors also, which Kieran Johnson found particularly enjoyable: ‘The lesson was the most exciting one yet – my favourite moment was serving food as a waiter of the class.’ Other students to put on an apron to serve as waiters were Amy Mackie and Tia Ravenhall.

One of the visitors, Miss Chagar, commented on her experience of the languages café: ‘I was pleasantly surprised with the amazing spread of food and everyone’s enthusiasm for the French café!’

Hopefully if there is another languages café, we could invite more students and classes to come and taste the food, which would give more of a variety of opinions and this will make more students enthusiastic about French.

By Joshua Townshend (Yr 8)