Easter Egg Egg-citement!



Students with 100% attendance this half term have earnt themselves a chocolate Easter Egg! At break time on the last day of school, everywhere you looked in the street there were students munching on an Easter Egg.

£150 was donated by an outside sponsor – Tim Blogg MD of Imperius Group international – to put towards the purchase of the eggs.

One student, Rhys Harrison, who received an Easter Egg, said ‘I just felt like I was dreaming when I was called out to collect an Easter Egg. It is important to be in school every day because otherwise you will fall behind in your learning.’

Hannah Pickering, Head of Year 7 and 9, spoke of the importance of rewarding students with Easter Eggs for their attendance: ‘Attendance is key to success. If you are not at school, you can’t learn, so you are stopping yourself from reaching your full potential! The Easter Eggs were a great incentive to encourage students to come into school every day. It’s a tangible reward where pupils are recognised for their commitment to their own learning.’