School News Club Records NHS Video


News Club Records NHS Video

This half term the Burnet News Club have been exploring the latest issue, the NHS. ‘NHS’ means the ‘National Health Service’, where lots of hard-working doctors and nurses help lots of patients to get better. We made a video to show our thoughts on the issue and what we think the future of the NHS should be like, because people are worried it won’t be free to go to the hospital any more.

Tamzin James wrote the speech, where she talked about how her Aunt was glad the hospital was free to use so that she could get better. We filmed it in lots of places around school, like the street, the medical room, outside and the library. Kamran Lotta asked some questions to get the audience thinking about their opinions on the NHS, such as ‘Should our taxes increase to pay for the NHS?’

Alex Good was interviewed in the video, and he said ‘robots could be used in the future to help treat patients more quickly and easily, so doctors don’t have to work long hours.’ What do you think the NHS will be like in the future?

The video is now up on the website for everyone to watch at We really enjoyed ourselves when we recorded it, and we found the outtakes really funny in the video! What do you think about the NHS? We hope you enjoy watching the video.

By Prekshica Sureshkumar (Year 8)