Rapid Readers Quickly Quiz… And Win!

Rapid Readers Quickly Quiz… And Win!

With a chance to win a ‘treasure trove’ of books for our school library, students in year 7, 8 and 9 all took part in the Accelerated Reader competition to complete the most reading book quizzes out of any other school – and we won – with a grand total of over 2000 books read!

From Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July over 300 GAC students read lots of books and completed quizzes on each of them. I love reading because there are so many interesting stories to read and you learn so many new words that you have never known before. The quizzes test you on your understanding of these stories and these words.

For each day of the competition, there were prizes to be won, such as The Enid Blyton collection. We didn’t win on the first day, but on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday, we beat the other 14 schools from across the country to win the prizes. Our best day was Thursday, when we quizzed on over 800 books!

One student, Julija Doveika in year 8, said ‘in one lesson I did seven quizzes for the competition. It was really fun and exciting to do and I’ve really enjoyed trying to help the school win because I really want to read the book ‘Dork Diaries: Drama Queen’, which might be part of the treasure trove grand prize.’

Our librarian, Ms Mesnard, who saw lots of students come into the library to quiz on books, said ‘students want to win because they know they are bringing something into the school. There’s a unity of the school pulling together to reward each other. It is so good to see.’

We are all now anxiously waiting for our grand prize to arrive so we can start reading more books and get quizzing on them!

By Prekshica Sureshkumar (Yr 8)