KS3: The Key Stage 3 Physical Education curriculum consists of four lessons per week and is a compulsory subject.  This includes a wide variety of sporting activities including both team sports, individual sports and general fitness.  Majority of Physical Education lessons are delivered practically and each sport is assessed by the classroom teacher. The data is tracked using Go4schools which is shared with the students each half term.

GCSE: Edexcel GCSE Physical Education is a compulsory subject in KS4 and consists of four lessons per week. The course is made up of two units they are; Unit 1 Theory of Physical Education and Unit 2 Performance in Physical Education. The course aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of Physical Education and Physical activity, in relation to balanced healthy lifestyles. The course also gives the students the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills relating to performance in physical activity, including practical performance, in roles such as player/participant, official and leader and analysis of performance. Students are assessed at the end of end theory topic and each practical sport.