With the arrival of Michelle Carrier, new Head of Humanities, the department now has an 8-strong team of dedicated teachers who are involved in projects at the local and national level, and bring a wealth of different skills and experience to their roles.

Commenting about her love for the subject, Michelle said: “I love everything about Humanities; you get to find out how people live, whey they live the way they do and to study life.

“Humanities covers the histories of people across the world, and human and physical geography, politics, social and military factors and economics. In religious education we look at the six main faiths: Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, At Key Stage 3 we also look at the views of humanists, as well as the psychology of behaviour.”

The Humanities department currently covers history, geography, health and social care, religious education and psychology at GCSE level.  However, Michelle is looking to expand the Academy’s provision at A Level to include history, geography and religious education so that a full 7-year programme is offered for each subject.

Michelle is expecting to see rapid change and added: “I would like to build on our learning environment so we continue to see highly motivated students who are confident in themselves to pass their exams and excel in the subject.

“All of our topics are relevant to life today, and lessons are engaging and academically rigorous, focussed on exam skills, as well as knowledge.  With history, the ability to recall information is key, alongside source work to back up your judgments. In geography, you need to be able to use and apply data to demonstrate your learning, and in religious education, you have to be able to understand the key teachings of different religions and apply them to current moral questions.

“Humanities subjects are great for UCAS because they are recognised by universities and employers as demonstrating a skill-set that is highly useful in the workplace, creating well-rounded students with a wide-ranging understanding of social and cultural issues across the world.

“I like to empower students for the future, equipping them with a range of skills including analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving, with the ability to arrive at a conclusion after reviewing different points of view. It’s all about shining a light towards their future with the skill-set they need to succeed.”

“Humanities opens up every career to you – the world is your oyster.”