Many congratulations to Molly who has won a gold medal representing Coventry in a national Ice Skating Competition held in London, run by the National Ice Skating Association of Great Britain.  Explaining how she got started in competitive ice skating, Molly said: “It was my sister’s birthday and we went skating at Sky Dome Arena and I got spotted by one of the coaches.  I like learning different moves and getting better and better. You have to be very flexible and strong and fit.  Some people are visual learners and need to copy the coach, and I’m more of a visual learner.”

Molly has a serious liver condition but doesn’t let this get in the way of achieving her full potential in skating.  Molly said: “I have to have medicines every single day and miss out of practices as I have to go to a lot of doctor’s appointments. Sometimes I get a bit shaky and tired and feel a bit sick, but I overcome this so I can skate.”