Rise in top GCSE grades

Grace Academy Coventry is celebrating, with a rise in the number of students achieving the top grades including 63% achieving grades 4-9 in English and 60% achieving grades 4-9 in Maths.

Among the individual subject highlights were 87.1% of students achieving grades 4-9 in Biology, 83.9% achieving grades 4-9 in Physics and 77.4% achieving grades 4-9 in Chemistry.

The Academy saw some outstanding individual achievements, including student Mohammed Khartabil who achieved 8 grade 9s and said:

“Ecstatic about my results. Thankful to all the staff and revision sessions which really helped.”

Exceptional student Taryn Barry achieved 4 grade 9s and 4 grade 8s and he said:

“Really happy with the results. Grateful to all the teachers.”

Student Declan Cunningham who achieved outstanding grades commented:

“Really pleased with my results!”

Melis Bushaj’s who achieved all top grades 7-9s added:

“Really excited about the results. Thanks to all the teachers for their help.”

Another student with outstanding results with a combination of 7-9s, Emily Segui, remarked:

“I’m really pleased with my results. Thanks to all the teachers for their help.”

Joshua Afonso who achieved outstanding results including grade 9s added:

“Very happy and grateful for my results. Thanks to my teachers and parents for encouraging me to revise and practise.”

Another impressive set of results from successful student Fortina, who achieved a string of grades 8s and 9s, and said:

“Thanks to the school and thanks to all my peers who helped me to achieve my grades.”

Abdillah Masoud, who achieved 2 grade 9s, 7 grade 8s and 1 level 2 distinction*, added:

“The hours paid off! Thanks to all the teachers for their help.”

Successful student Mohammed Kartabil’s mum said:

“Great job, Grace Academy did amazingly for my child. I am proud of my son and staff at Grace Academy.”

Elisha Ogwu Eme’s mum said:

“We are glad for the transformation that has been put in place to improve Grace Academy. I am excited with my son’s results.”

Oversubscribed for September and with a strong staff team in place, Anu Monga, Principal, Grace Academy Coventry, said:

“It was a pleasure when the students received their results to live moments of real joy, happiness and tears of success. It was also very satisfying knowing that students and parents recognised the support provided by the Academy.  We couldn’t have achieved this performance without having developed a real partnership with parents, carers and our students on our journey to success.  I would like to thank them again for all their support and for the positive messages we have received.

“We have been working at a fast pace to secure the necessary improvements in teaching and learning and we are moving in the right direction. We are fully staffed for September and have a strong team in place with a proven track record behind them.  We have built a solid platform for success in the Autumn, and we expect the Academy to go from strength to strength as we continue to raise aspirations and encourage students to achieve their potential.”