Students lip-sync the Christmas story to well-known pop hits

In an engaging and fun re-telling of the Christmas story, students from Grace Academy narrated the nativity for 200 Coventry primary school pupils using lyrics and music from some of pop’s greatest hits.

Lip-syncing to well-known pop favourites, combined with spoken narration and rhyme, students from years 7 to post-16 at Grace Academy performed the traditional Nativity story with a modern, toe-tapping musical twist.

Student Nikola Brutkiewicz who played Mary in the play said:

“This has given us such a great opportunity to express ourselves and it’s been loads of fun.  It’s required lots of team work and it’s been great to get everyone from every year group involved, as well as show primary school pupils what it’s like here.”

Speaking about how much she had learned about the Christmas story by doing the play, Paris Twomey, Year 8, said:

“Before we did the play, I didn’t know that the three kings and the wise men were the same people.  The Post-16 students have been showing us how to do things and giving us advice and ideas; it’s been a real team effort.”

Kim Catling, Assistant Principal for Ethos and Student Life, who helped to organise the matinee performance for Coventry primary school pupils, as well as the show for the local community in an evening performance, said:

“We are not just an insular school.  We want to be able to welcome the community in, so they can be involved in what we are doing and that means everyone from shop keepers and people in sheltered housing, to parents and carers.  We have hopefully spread a bit of Christmas cheer, as well as telling the power of the Christian story in a fun, modern way.”