Year 8 and 9 students at Grace Academy have entered a national ‘Step into the NHS’ schools’ competition, with the chance to win a tablet or a £50 Amazon voucher.

As part of this competition, students have to choose one of the 350 careers that are available in the NHS, deciding what would suit their skills and interests, and then creating a job description and an advert to tell their friends and other young people about it.

One student team has been working on a video about being a midwife, portraying someone giving birth and how they are helped by their birthing partner and the midwife.  Business teacher Seta Bassi, Grace Academy, said:

“The students have all had to research the skills, characteristics and qualifications needed to do their chosen NHS role, as well as putting an advert together with audio and visual, and carrying out role play.  This is all part of building on the careers element of PSHE.”

The winning students will need to demonstrate an understanding of their chosen NHS role, what it involves, and provide an accurate presentation of the information.  The adverts they produce will need to be fun, lively and appealing to the students’ peers, as well as creative and original.

The deadline for entries was the end of January 2019.