Beatboxing top tips for 600 Coventry students at Easter

Beatboxer Ben Davies from Soul Box, and DJ Galactus Jack (Ben Jack) from The Message Trust gave 600 Grace Academy Coventry students some beatboxing top tips as they urged students to think about the story behind Easter.

The talented musical duo from The Message Trust said beatboxing is something every young person can have a go at in their bedroom at home, and the music does the heavy lifting in bringing the Easter message to life.

Student Connor Martin, Year 9, said he already knew the Easter story, but it was a fun way to learn more, adding:

“It was an amazing vibe, especially the way they interacted with us. We learned some beatboxing skills as well.”

Student Sharn Sangera, Year 9, said:

“It was a good, interactive beatboxing session. I also learned why Christians celebrate Easter and how Jesus was crucified and rose again.”

Ben Jack commented: “At Easter it’s great because you get time off school and get to eat chocolate as well but, for Christians, it means much more than that. It’s a real privilege to spend some time with this generation who are often trying to decide what they are living for, using music to bring a positive vibe as we talk about how the story of Easter has changed our lives. Our main message to young people is this: no matter how challenging life gets, there is still hope.”

Lead singer Ben Davies, Soul Box and The Message Trust, added:

“Beatboxing has grown a lot and young people love it because it is something they can really aspire to and start doing without needing any equipment. We want to leave them inspired to learn a new skill and feeling a bit less worried what other people think about them.”

The beatboxing session was one of a series of events being held at Grace Academy Coventry to help students to learn about different faiths and the Christian perspective on Easter. Among the other activities in the run up to the Easter holiday was an interactive audio journey through the different stages of the Easter story, where students could engage with practical tasks and their own views about what it all means to them.

Kim Catling, Assistant Principal for Ethos and Student Life at Grace Academy Coventry said:

“All our Year 9 students study RE as part of our curriculum at Grace Academy, and so they need to learn about a range of faiths . The audio journey was particularly helpful in enabling students to consider their own views about what is important to them.”