Creating well-educated, considerate, caring global citizens

Grace Academy believes that every child has the chance to be successful, and it’s their job to make sure that happens.

After the most recent Ofsted inspection in December 2018, staff were recognised for their commitment to providing the quality of education that pupils deserve, and Principal Anu Monga said:

“We will not leave any stone unturned to prepare our students for the most important exams of their life in the summer. Our whole staff team are committed to making the Academy a centre of excellence for young people, both personally and academically.”

The Academy celebrated a rise in the top grades at GCSE last year, including 87.1% of Biology students achieving grades 4-9, 83.9% of Physics students achieving grades 4-9, and 77.4% of Chemistry students achieving grades 4-9.

The Post-16 centre saw 100% of students who applied, secure a place at university. Students can choose from a broad spectrum of opportunities in the arts, sports, and the community, including careers fairs, online business competitions and interview practice with real business experts.

Building on the career element of PSHE, students recently took part in a national ‘Step into the NHS’ competition, researching the skills, characteristics and qualifications needed to do one of 350 roles in the NHS.

Along with Career Fairs, events like this allow students to explore possibilities and opportunities, planting the seed and enabling them to find out what industry expects of them.

The aim is to produce confident young people who can make a positive contribution to society and know their pathway to success.

The Academy’s core values of Grace, Respect, Integrity, Potential and Excellence are at the heart of everything the Academy does. The ultimate goal is to help students to become good human beings through every aspect of the Academy’s activities.

What the students say:

“They always tell me that I can do it and they believe in me and make me go for my goals. We are always pushed to reach our goals and our full potential.”

“It’s very rewarding to be a Grace Academy student because we have values such as Grace, Integrity and Respect. The school doesn’t just focus on subjects and how to get us through our GCSEs. They also focus on our personal well-being.”

Lead singer Ben Davies, Soul Box, Year 9 student Connor Martin, Grace Academy, Year 9 student Sharn Sangera, Grace Academy, Year 9 student Esther Alfonso, Grace Academy, and Ben Jack, The Message Trust, beat boxing with students.

Successful GCSE student Mohammed Khartabil.