Grace Academy’s first Parents’ Forum was a chance for staff, parents and carers to discuss
how the Academy can better serve, and work with, the local community. In addition it
provided an informal opportunity for families to discuss any suggestions or questions they

Alongside encouraging high academic achievement, one of the Academy’s main priorities is
to build positive relationships with the community to support local projects in line with its
core values of Grace, Respect, Integrity, Potential and Excellence that are at the heart of
everything the Academy does.

The Academy’s best results in recent history this summer are a reflection not only of the
hard work of staff and students but also of how these core values help students to succeed,
both personally and academically. We believe that they also enable them to become
positive citizens who can make a valuable contribution to society.

We would like to invite any parents or guardians who wish to be part of our journey towards
excellence to join us at our Parents’ Form Meetings. The Parents’ Forum meetings will take
place on the first Thursday of every month at 9am and we look forward to seeing you there.