Student Resources

Helpful resources for students for facilitated learning

First and foremost, all students are expected to log in to google classroom and participate in lessons as per their normal timetable.

This requires a working Internet connection.  Ideally a PC/Laptop for ease of use however a phone/tablet can be used if there are no alternatives.

This will use your phone data so please check your contracts and/or use any home Wifi if possible.

Teachers will be continuing to set work and post materials to Google classroom.  Students will need to log in to the system before accessing Google classroom.

Logging in to Google Classroom

All students’ logins follow the same template.

Open up a web browser and go to the following page:

Your email or phone is your student number followed by e.g:

Every student will know what their AC number is as they use it for the computers at school every week.  Only the highlighted (red) portion changes for every student.

All students will have been given details of their Google passwords several times throughout their time at Grace (and again recently for those who have never logged in).  If you have lost your password please contact the school to arrange a new one.

Finding out your classwork

All students are expected to follow normal timetable if possible as teachers are available during these hours to respond to queries.  Teachers can also do a live stream of lessons online and will be posting PowerPoints and other resources for students to look at during lesson time.

If you miss the normal timetabled slots, the work will still be available to view and complete later.  This also goes for any live classes as we will endeavour to make recordings available where appropriate.

When you log into the classroom, you will get an overview page with all of your classes a little like the following:

You can click on the burger menu (top left) to change to a TODO list view for work:

Doing the work

Depending on what resources your teacher has uploaded.  There will either be a Google/Word document to fill out or in some cases a form to fill out.

If there is a form, just fill it out and click Submit and you’re done (in some cases forms can be instantly marked too).

Word documents are slightly more confusing.  When you first click on them it displays a preview for printing but won’t let you type.

The first step is to open it in a new window:

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu (top right) and choose open in new window
  2. After this it will open and give you the option to view in Google Docs
  3. Finally, if you still can’t type on the document, you need to save a copy before you can make changes (skip this step if you can type / see the hand in button at the top of the document)

From here you don’t need to press Save, just do your work as normal and it will save automatically.

Handing in the work

When you’ve completed your work and are ready to hand it in, you need to make your way back to the assignment in google classroom, then click view assignment so that you are on this screen:

From here we need to add in the work we’ve already done.  This can either be a worksheet filled out in Google Docs, a Word document or in the case of art work you could even take a photo with your phone (see section below)

The options given are to either add a file from:

  • Google Drive (this is the one you want if you’ve made a copy of a worksheet)
  • File (to upload from your computer/phone)
  • New Docs/Slides etc.  Choose this one if you want to create work from scratch with Google rather than using an existing worksheet.  When you are finished there will be a button to hand in directly from the document so you don’t have to remember to go back to the assignment page.

When it has uploaded the screen changes to this:

All you have to do here is click Hand in and then confirm.

When you see this box, you have finished and the teacher will have your work.

Getting photos from your phone to submit as work

The easiest way to do this is install the Google Classroom app on your phone / tablet (Android / Apple).

When installed, you will have to add another account in order to log in with your Grace Academy email.  This is because your phone will most likely already have a personal google account installed.

When the app loads it will show you your classes as normal.  When adding comments/submitting work you can then take files directly from your phone (screenshot from Android version):

More detailed guides can be found on the following Google Sheets:

Google Guide for Students
Google Guide for Guardians