GO 4 Schools – Parental Access

Parental Access to Assessment, Attendance and Behaviour Information

At Grace Academy we have an online system called GO 4 Schools which is used by all teaching staff and is accessible for parents, where you can view up to date information about your child’s progress and attendance. We believe that the sharing of information with parents is vital to ensuring progress and success and helps us to work in partnership to achieve this goal. In order to log in to this information you will need to ensure that we have a valid email address for any adults with parental responsibility.

Below are examples of the information you will see:



Detailed Progress

You will also find at a section called Progress and Reports where you can see the various reports that have been produced throughout the year and download copies of these if you wish to. When a report is published you will receive an automated email to advise you of this with a link to access it.

To create an account for Go4Schools please go to the website www.go4schools.com

You will see a button in the top right had corner of the screen

Click on the ‘Parent’ button, and as a ‘First-time User’ you will be able to enter your email address – this needs to be an email address that is held by the school. Once you have registered your email address with the school you will receive an email containing a link to be able to set up your password. You can change your password to something memorable by going to ‘My Settings’.

* Due to the school closure and therefore use of Google Classrooms – you will see on Go4Schools that there is a ‘homework’ option. We are currently not using this as we are using Google Classroom. In future reports this will be something you will want to look at.