Year 12 Opening Update Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly thank you for your continued support during this time.

As outlined in the letter sent last week I can now share further details of our reopening plans and what this means for Y12 students. In line with government guidance, we will be providing some face-to-face learning to supplement the online learning taking place.  All parents and students should note that when not on site students must continue to access their learning online as directed previously. I can also confirm that we still have had no confirmed cases of Covid-19 within our staff or student body.

From the week beginning the 15th of June the Academy will be open for Year 12 students each Friday. During this time, they will be taught by subject specialists.  Students have not been on site since Friday 20th March and I would encourage all parents to take up the opportunity for their child to come back to the Academy to support their learning in such a crucial academic year.

Students are expected to attend the Academy according to the timetable below.

Date Session timings
– 08:30-10:00 2– 10:00-11:30 3– 11:30-13:00
19th June Biology Chemistry Physics
Applied Science Health and Social care Business studies
26th June Psychology English Literature Philosophy and Ethics
Maths BTEC Sport Art
3rd July Biology Chemistry Physics
Applied Science Health and Social care Business studies
10th July Psychology English Literature Philosophy and Ethics
Maths BTEC Sport Art

Students must only attend on the day when a session is running for the subjects they are studying to ensure the safety of all in the Academy.

Below is an outline of the arrangements which are in place:

Arrival and dismissal

  • Students must arrive at the Academy for 08:25am – please do not arrive any earlier than this so that we can maintain social distancing.
  • Students should arrive though the main gate where 2 members of the Academy Leadership team will support students in adhering to the 2 metres social distancing
  • Students will walk up the path to the Academy which has been marked out at 2 metre intervals
  • On arrival to the Academy students will sanitise their hands and be directed to their classroom by staff
  • At the end of the session students will be dismissed by their class teacher following social distancing protocols.
  • Students who are attending session 3, but not session 2 will be able to use a designated study room until their next session begins.
  • Students who are not attending a later session will be allowed to leave the Academy site.


  • All classrooms have been organised to adhere to social distancing.
  • There will be a maximum of 9 students per classroom (some larger groups will be taught in larger venues to allow for social distancing).
  • Students should bring all stationary and other resources applicable for their course.
  • All classrooms have lidded bins for the disposal of tissues and hand sanitiser that can be used by students under the supervision of teachers.
  • There will be no eating in classrooms.


  • Y12 students have been allocated 1 toilet for their use throughout the day.
  • Only 1 student will be permitted to go to the toilet at a time.
  • Students will be expected to wash their hands following the use of the toilet and to use hand sanitiser on return to the classroom.

Additional cleaning routines

In addition to our usual cleaning routines, the following have been put in place:

  • Hourly cleaning of touch points – e.g. door handles.
  • Hourly cleaning of toilets.
  • Each classroom will be cleaned following the use by a bubble.

What happens if my child becomes unwell?

  • We have a first aider on site each day.
  • Your child will be escorted to the medical room. The medical room is now in a new location which enables social distancing to be in place.
  • You will be contacted by the school and asked to collect your child immediately
  • All other Health & Safety and safeguarding procedures will continue to be in place.

What we need students to do:

  1. To attend the Academy on a Friday when sessions are running for their subjects at 08:25am.
  2. To attend the Academy meeting the 6th Form dress code.
  3. To agree to follow all the instructions from staff during the day and those outlined above.

What we need you to do:

  1. The continued education of your child is important and I encourage you to send your child to school on their allocated day.
  2. If you need to contact the Academy please do so by email or telephone, we are limiting the number of visitors on site.
  3. Talk through the arrangements with your child and make sure they understand what is expected of them. By sending your child to the Academy you are agreeing that they and you agree to follow these expectations so it is important they are understood
  4. If you have any questions or queries please contact Mr Goodwin or contact the Academy reception

A full risk assessment is also available on the Academy website if you require more detail.

We are looking forward to welcoming your child back to Grace Academy.


Yours faithfully

Ms Janina Taylor



You can download a full copy of this letter if required.