Student Outcomes Reports Summary

For those who have been accessing their child’s school reports through Go4Schools you may find this supplementary information useful in order to better understand the results presented throughout.

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Reports Summary

  • Your son/daughter’s report is now visible on Go4Schools. We have adapted the reports due to the lockdown so that they reflect the work completed during this period.
  • There are 4 descriptors your son/daughter is measured against: engagement, effort, active learning, quality & submission. The 4 descriptors are rated from 1-4 with 1 being the highest rating and 4 being the lowest. The 4 statements are explained below
  • There is also a ‘next steps’ number which corresponds with a task which you will find below each individual subject – the number itself is for staff and should be ignored.
  • The next steps task has been specifically chosen for your son/daughter to complete in the 6 week summer break to support them for the return to school in September.
  • If your son/daughter is in Years 7 or 8, there will be no information on ‘Progress Prior to Lockdown’ for ICT/Business as this subject was not assessed before lockdown.
  • The report uses the assessments sat to tell you if your son/daughter was meeting their target before the lockdown, the report that follows is a reflection of their work since lockdown
  • Therefore, if they were on track to hit their target and they score mostly 1’s and 2’s, they are still on target and performing well


Statement 1 Statement 2 Statement 3 Statement 4
Engagement Effort Active Learning Quality and Submission
1.       I have been engaging consistently with the home learning

2.       I have engaged with most of the home learning

3.       I have engaged with a limited amount of the home learning

4.       I have not engaged with any of the home learning

1.       I have given the maximum effort to each of the tasks set during lockdown

2.       I have put in a good amount of effort into the work set

3.       I have put in a good amount of effort for some of the tasks but not all

4.       I have not put enough effort into the tasks set

1.       I have used every aspect of the live lessons to support my learning/I have utilized the  teacher being online extremely well

2.       I have made good use of the live lessons/ I have engaged with my teacher whilst they have been online

3.       I have attended some of the live lessons/ I have made some use of my teacher being online

4.       I have not attended live lessons/ I have not made use of my teacher being online


1.       My work has been submitted consistently on time and is presented excellently

2.       My work is regularly on time and the presentation is good

3.       My work is usually submitted on time and the presentation is good sometimes

4.       My work is often submitted late and the presentation is not to the high standards I am capable of



Any queries about the report should be sent to: