Post 16 Letter regarding OfQual

Dear Post-16 students,

I am sure that you have been paying close attention to the announcements from the government over the last few days. Like all schools across the country, we are waiting to hear the final decision from the government regarding appeals and grades. At the time of writing this letter, this announcement has not yet been made.

We will continue to provide you with updates and next steps following announcements as they come. I want to reassure all students and parents that we will continue to support you in the coming days; whether that is to secure your place at university, an apprenticeship, or for other next steps. The most important thing at this time is you and your future.

Once the final guidance has been shared with schools we will submit an appeal on behalf of all students who meet the criteria for appeals. If you fall into the category for those eligible for appeal we will inform you that an appeal will be made by the Academy.

In the meantime, if you require support please continue to contact Mr Goodwin or Mrs Moore. For those who wish to see their CAGs please complete the form on the website in the exams section and return to Mr Cutler. The form is required under GDPR and we cannot release these grades to you unless this is received.

We hope to have clear guidance from Ofqual shortly, but rest assured we are determined to support you through this process.

Kind regards,


Ms Taylor

Use this link to download a full copy of this letter.