Year 7 Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

It was great to welcome your child to the Grace family today and so good to see so many students embracing the time spent with their form tutor.

It was a positive start with so many arriving early to the Academy eager to join us. I am sure you can appreciate that we want to keep all students and staff safe in the Academy and adhere to social distancing expectations.  As such, can I remind parents that they should maintain social distancing whilst dropping off or waiting for their child.

In order to support social distancing the Academy gates will be locked until 8.15am each morning.  As per previous correspondence, we would also like to request that parents who drive their children to school, drive into the carpark for drop off only.  Students will then need to walk to the path and access the Year 7 entrance.  Parents must not leave their car and should drive out of the car park as soon as they have dropped off their child.  This will allow other parents to drop off their children in a timely manner also.

If you are walking your child to school please leave your child at the Academy gates and allow them to walk into the Academy on their own.  Again, this will help support social distancing measures in place.

I would also like to remind parents that the Academy day starts at 8.30am and staff are not on site and available to supervise your children before this time.  Early arrival could mean a long wait outside.  This may be new to some parents who have older children in the Academy as it differs from last year.  In order to maintain our enhanced cleaning regime in response to Covid-19 we can no longer have students on site before the start of the Academy day.

In order to have an equally safe release at the end of the day, can all parents picking up their children drive into the car park and wait for their child to come to their car.  All parents on foot will also have to remain outside of the Academy gates.  If all parents work with us on this and not gather on the Academy site we will be able to keep the gates open for parents to drive onto site for pick up.  The gates to the car park will be opened at 3pm.

If your child needs support for entry or exit to the Academy due to SEND needs please contact Miss Spear SENCo  If you have any other concerns please contact the Head of Year 7, Adams

We hope that you will work together with us in order to ensure that we can maintain all social distancing measures in place for you and your child.

Below is also a reminder regarding health and safety in the Academy:

Entering the Academy site

All students will enter the Academy via the relevant gate which is labelled with their year group. They will then follow the path labelled for their year group to their entrance.  All students must follow the designated path for their year group bubble and not join another year group.

Face masks

If you wish your child to wear a face mask, they may do so.  If they choose to wear a face mask, they must only be worn when students are interacting with their full Year group bubble.  That is, moving around corridors, in the restaurant, or in wet break/lunchtime areas.  They must not be worn in classrooms.  If students choose to wear a face mask, they need to be removed in the following way when arriving at a classroom:

  1. Disposable masks placed in the lidded bin in the classroom
  2. Re-wearable masks to be placed in a plastic bag and placed within the student’s school bag
  3. Hand sanitiser must be used immediately following the removal of the mask before touching any other surfaces
  4. Masks must not be placed on any surface
  5. Students must not share masks
  6. Students must wear masks that do not contain any offensive images or language, preferably plain

A reminder also that if your child is arriving to the Academy on public transport they must wear a face mask.

What to do if your child is unwell

If your child or anyone in your household is showing signs of Covid-19 do not send them to school.  Instead, contact the Academy and inform us that they have symptoms.  Follow NHS advice to self-isolate and take a test.  As soon as you have the outcome of this test please inform the Academy.

If your child becomes unwell whilst at the Academy, you will be contacted immediately in order to collect them.  Whilst waiting for collection they will be kept in our first aid room away from all other students and staff.


We are continuing to minimise visitors to the Academy.  If you wish to speak to a member of staff, please use telephone and email in the first instance.  We will not be able to accommodate visitors who attend the Academy without an appointment.

We understand how important parental communication and involvement is, particularly at this time.  Details regarding parents’ information sessions and forums will be shared at the start of term.  These will be virtual in the first instance.

Thank you in advance

Yours faithfully,


Ms J Taylor

You can download a copy of this letter here.