Using your Xbox / Playstation for Google Classroom

Both Playstation and Xbox allow you to access Google Classroom from the built in web browser.  You will need a keyboard and mouse to use it properly but otherwise you don’t need a laptop or PC to do your work (Keyboards and Mice can be found for < £10).  There are some drawbacks so this is not a perfect solution but if you’re stuck you can still use them to interact with your lessons.


  1. Plug in your keyboard and mouse.
  2. Press the Xbox button on your controller and go to “My games & apps”.
  3. Click on “See all”, scroll down to “Apps” and you will see Microsoft Edge in the icons on the right-hand side.
  4. Type into the URL bar at the top and log in as you would on a PC using your school Gmail account (, replace 1234 with your student login number).

PS4 & PS5

For the PS4 just open the browser in the content menu (it has an icon with WWW written on it).

On the PS5 things are a bit more difficult to find, the quickest way is to go to System Settings then User Guide.  This opens up the browser and you can change the address at the top to google classroom.

With the browser open do the following:

  1. Plug in your keyboard and mouse.
  2. Change the address at the top of the browser to
  3. Log in with your normal AC0 email address (, replace 1234 with your student login number).


Please be aware that although you can access the work and comment on what is being done, you may not be able to edit documents or join google meetings (live lessons).  If you do have access to any other device (preferably a laptop or PC) it will be easier to complete the work there but your Xbox and Playstation can be used if you have nothing else to hand.