Principal Introduction

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am delighted to introduce myself as the new Principal of Grace Academy Coventry. I could not be more excited, passionate and committed to our school, our community and more important than anything, our students. I am dedicated to ensuring that all young people are supported and challenged to allow them to become truly successful young adults whom look back at their school career with pride and happiness. I believe, that our role is to nurture and challenge students to be the best version of themselves at all times.

As a community, I look forward to working closely with you to further the journey we have already undertaken and work to mitigate the barriers and challenges the global pandemic has put in our way. It is our joint responsibility to accept that education over the last 18 months has been hugely disrupted and to turn our attention not to ‘rapid catch up’ which will only seek to further the gap of those children worst affected, but to create a programme of clear and sustained ‘recovery’, one which puts the educational experience of children at the centre of all our decisions. This will be a priority for us in the Autumn term and we will share with you our long term vision for recovery and will incorporate all aspects of the education of students both in a traditional sense of curricular learning but also in the sense of their personal development and wellbeing.

In that spirit, I hope to be able to collate your views, your experiences, your hopes and your ambitions for your children at Grace Academy Coventry. There is nothing that I wish to hear more, because then we as a school know exactly what they need from us to ensure that they are successful. If we truly work together, we can achieve limitless possibilities for our student’s outcomes, their educational experience and their personal development and welfare. Asking ‘why’ will remain at the heart of all I lead on over the coming months, thinking very carefully about why we do things the way we do, and asking ‘do they benefit the young people that we are here to educate.’ Education isn’t easy, learning is difficult and challenging; and being successful does not happen by accident. At Grace Academy Coventry we will be looking very carefully at how we support students in that journey and how much we challenge them to ‘know better, do better and be better.’ This journey is an exciting one for us all, as we continue to work with you to make sure we are all constantly improving to be better.

I therefore, invite you to join us on this journey. As soon as we are able, I will be reinstating all face to face activities and hope to put in place a new programme of community activities so that we can show you more of what we are achieving and working towards. There will be a parental survey in the coming weeks, I would value your feedback and your reflections as this will be vital for us on the journey we are already on. I will also be holding regular parental forums and as a leadership team we are committed to ensuring there is a clear and consistent open dialogue with parents, carers and the local community.

I really do look forward to getting to know our community more and am always open to feedback, suggestions and reflections. If there is anything in the meantime you wish to share with us, please email the reception office at and we will strive to further develop our important relationship with you, I look forward to getting to know each of you and your families more and am dedicated to the journey we are taking together.


Mrs N Whiles