Return of Locker Keys

As we are approaching the end of term, we will require students to empty their lockers over the coming weeks and ensure all personal items are taken home. Students will also be required to hand their key back in at Reception.

All lockers will be cleaned and reallocated for the new term therefore it is important that lockers are cleared and keys are handed back. Any personal items left at the end of term will be moved to lost property and then disposed of, if not collected, in the new academic year.

If your child has a locker, please ensure they remove all items and hand their key in by the end of the term. Records will be kept of all those students who require a locker in order for them to be re-issued at a later date.

Should your child no longer require a locker, a refund will be issued once the locker is emptied and the key returned.


Yours faithfully,


Laura Simmonds
Office Manager