Year 11 Timetable

Thursday 27th May is the last day our Year 11 students will be attending school for timetabled lessons.  As per government guidance, we have a duty of care to ensure students must remain in some form of compulsory education until Wednesday 30th June.

We strongly feel our students need to be appropriately supported between their last day as Year 11 and Wednesday 30th June, more so than ever considering what our students have experienced since the first lockdown in March 2020.  Equally, we do not feel it necessary or appropriate to bring students into the Academy every day in this window as we have excellent online platforms and resources.  Therefore, to ensure we fulfil this duty of care whilst following guidance we will be using a combination of independent study, remote provision using Google Classrooms and Google Meets as well as some attendance in person to deliver a bespoke ‘Life after Grace’ programme.

As with the lockdown after Christmas, we are required by law to record pupils in the register using the most appropriate code.  This may be either authorised absence or unauthorised absence – therefore, participation in the programme is compulsory.

The programme will support the development of key skills in our students such as independence, problem solving and research.  Our study programme is being delivered through the OpenLearn programme offered through the Open University.  OpenLearn courses cover a wide range of subjects taught across the OU curriculum.  The courses on offer cover the following areas: sport, psychology, education, history, languages, money & business, science, technology, society, politics and law.

All courses enable students to earn a Statement of participation and some also allow students to earn a free digital badge.  Further details about the OpenLearn programme can be found on the website URL below:

Part of this programme incorporates our Year 11 Prom which will take place on Monday 28th June.  Those students who do not engage with the programme can assume they will not be eligible to attend prom.

Another date of note is our Sixth Form Taster Day.  This will take place on Monday 21st June and is for students who have received offers to join us in September.

The full overview can be found below with the first session starting at 11:15 on Monday 7th June where students will be given all information and support in accessing the courses.

Many thanks,


Mr. K Brehon
Senior Assistant Principal

Student Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 (07.06.21) Introduction to the programme 11:15 Remote Learning Remote Learning 14:00 – Mrs Bradshaw’s Virtual Drop-In Remote Learning
Week 2 (14.06.21) Remote Learning 09:00 – 12:00 Student on-site check in (appointment only) 10:00 Learning to Learn Session 1/2 14:00 – Mrs Bradshaw’s Virtual Drop-In Return of laptops (appointment only)
Week 3 (21.06.21) Sixth Form Taster day 09:00 – 12:00 Student on-site check in (appointment only) 10:00 Learning to Learn Session 2/2 14:00 – Mrs Bradshaw’s Virtual Drop-In Remote Learning
Week 4 (28.06.21) Prom 09:00 – 12:00 Final Student on-site check in (appointment only)