Student Care System

I am delighted to announce that as of September we will move to a new student care system, where we place student care, welfare and achievement at the heart of all that we do here at GAC. As of September, the role of the form tutor will take the prominent place as the heart of our student care model. All students will be placed in their own ‘wing’ of the school, where they will be based within a faculty for all student care.

This will include all form time, and their personal development journey but utilising all facilities across the as we hope to move to a more ‘normal’ way of working. Whilst students will, DFE guidance permitting, access all areas of the school for their lessons, their core area will be focused on their year group. This allows us to create an environment of pastoral support and wellbeing in the ‘new normal’ following a year of turbulence in education. All students will be given a new opportunity to forge those all-important relationships with their ‘professional parent’ as their form tutor, whilst having vast access to the outstanding support we receive from the Ethos team. Going forwards, form tutors will assume the role of first contact for all students and their parents so that there is a clear and well informed relationship between you and our school. This will then be supported by the extensive pastoral team we have. During the final week of this term, we will be holding a Covid safe sports event, and a number of different enrichment activities for all students.

We fully appreciate that this year has been incredibly difficult with the loss of so much time for social events, team building and community liaison. Whilst we cannot yet invite you as a community to join us in celebrating the end of a very difficult year for our students, please rest assured I am absolutely dedicated to allowing them that time to foster a sense of pride and success outside of the traditional classroom environment, more details on this will follow shortly. Our uniform policy has been updated to raise even further our high expectations on standards of dress code, with an expectation that all students who chose to wear a skirt must wear a pleated skirt, as opposed to an A line skirt, and jumpers will no longer make up part of our uniform.

Our school environment is well ventilated, air conditioned and well heated throughout and so a jumper is no longer a part of the uniform. This also allows parents and carers to not have to purchase an additional aspect of optional uniform, in line with guidance on reducing costs for uniform. If there are any financial concerns about purchasing a pleated skirt please do get in touch at and we will strive to support you, and recommend local suppliers that offer this at a low cost, all students can choose to wear trousers.

From September, the A line/fitted skirts will not be permitted. I have attached the uniform policy for your information, however these changes are minor. We have also made the exciting decision to move the Sixth Form into a designated space in the heart of the school in the main entrance. This will allow all of our students to see the excellent role models our Sixth Formers are and will give the Sixth Form a much needed space to grow within. I look forward to being able to invite you in the future to face to face open evenings and events for you to see this important change, they will also be expected to dress more formally in line with their business attire dress code. I hope that you will join me in being excited for the journey we have ahead of us, putting both student care and student success at the very heart of our school. Success does not come easy, but it does come in all shapes and sizes and I very much look forward to celebrating all student success in the next academic year, and welcoming you back into the school for face to face events.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs N Whiles Principal

Uniform Policy