Welcome from Head of 6th Form –

Grace Academy 6th Form is the home of opportunity. We believe that young people have a right to a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment. We always aim to ensure that every student is able to achieve their potential academically, socially and emotionally. Our lively 6th form offers a personalised, innovative and stimulating 6th Form experience. We offer a wide range of opportunities to gain qualifications and develop first class skills, employment and further study.

Making the transition from GCSE is a new experience for both students and parents. We fully support students with their choices through their tutor groups and by scheduling individual appointments and interviews to give advice and guidance as to suitable A level and BTEC choices. Once a member of 6th Form, students are taught by teachers who are well qualified, enthusiastic about their subject area and deliver high quality lessons. Students benefit from learning in an environment with teachers they are familiar with and have supported them all through their time at Grace Academy. We also ensure that students joining us from other schools are also supported by our tutor team. In our dedicated 6th Form area, students have the space and facilities to embrace their creativity, independence and the academic challenges of their 2 year courses.

The 6th Form is a key part of Grace Academy Coventry and we share common ethos and values with the whole Academy. We continue to be an inclusive school and our 6th Form provision is varied to ensure that we cater for a range of students and we are able to match future career and university ambition to their chosen A level/BTEC pathway. Grace Academy 6th Form is full of opportunities and challenges which are exciting and rewarding and which truly integrate all students into the Academy community.

Head of 6th Form – Grace Academy Coventry