Local Governing Body (LGB)

Join our board of Governors and help transform the lives through learning.

  • Information about becoming a governor can be found here.

The Local Governing Body is responsible to Tove Learning Trust for the oversight and strategic management of the Academy. Any enquiries, issues or concerns relating to the Academy should be raised with the Principal or their staff in the first instance.

Any letter intended for the Chair of Governors should be addressed to: Mrs C Staley, c/o Mrs Khandeparker (Clerk to Governing Body).

A full list of Governors is shown below:

Member Status
Christine Staley Chair of Governors
Chris Watt Governor
Tim Read Governor
Jon Hughes Governor
Katy Khandeparker Clerk to Governors
  • The local governing body appoints each governor after the completion of skills audit to ensure a full comprehensive cohort of governors.
  • The term of office is for a duration of four years after which a governor may be re-elected. All governors have been appointed by the Local Governing Body unless otherwise.
  • Governance functions are delegated to the Local Governing Body (LGB) by the TOVE  Learning Trust Board.
  • The details of the scheme of delegation are contained within a scheme of delegation which can be found in the Governance section of the TOVE Learning Trust website here.
  • The governing body convenes at least once per term.

Declaration of Interest

The declarations of interest for the Local Governing Body can be found in the attached document:

Log of Governors Pecuniary Interests 2021 22

Attendance at Governors’ Meetings

Governance attendance at Local Governing Board meeting can be found in the attached documents:

Governor Attendance 2018 2019

Governor Attendance 2019 2020

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