Ofsted Report

Grace Academy Coventry & Ofsted

At Grace Academy we take all recommendations seriously and considered the Ofsted reports when prioritising actions which will maximise progress and outcomes for our young people and the academy as a whole.  This includes some of the following:

• Ensure that all leaders systematically evaluate and track the performance of groups of students to identify trends and patterns more quickly and then take action.
• Ensure that accurate assessment information is understood by teachers and students
• Ensure that leaders use teachers’ assessments of students’ progress to intervene quickly to close any gaps in knowledge, skills and understanding.
• Ensure that recently introduced improvement strategies are embedded and lead to improved outcomes for students.
• Ensure that teachers use assessment and other information to plan activities that enable students and students to close the gaps in their learning rapidly.
• Ensure that teachers have consistently high expectations of students’ and students’ progress and what they can achieve.
• Ensure that teachers consistently apply school policies to ensure that teaching leads to strong outcomes for all groups of students and students.
• To ensure consistent and effective measures are in place for to raise standards for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.
• To improve the effectiveness of the 6th Form through training on T&L and robust methods of monitoring of punctuality and attendance.

GAC Ofsted Reports

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