Curriculum Intent

Business Studies is delivered to develop awareness and equip our students with skills and expertise for the world of work. Their natural curiosity of the business world, economic climate and entrepreneurship is helping us to reach the goals of preparing our students to be informed citizens. The secure knowledge in business prepares them academically, cultural, mental and moral, which they can utilise anytime, anytime and become independent life-long learners.

The business department introduces students to the key foundation of business start-up and management. Students have the opportunity to enhance soft skills and hard skills, current affairs knowledge to access future pathways.

Our courses offer to meet the needs our students considering internal and external environmental changes, which are rapidly changing our intent is to grow and progress students that can adapt and are prepared for the challenges ahead.

This supported by experience to explore real business and engage with the increasingly demands of the business world in which we live in, allowing them to become informed and confident consumers, employees, employers and entrepreneurs.

Grace Academy Coventry is dedicated to, and is making substantial investment in Information Communication Technology (ICT). ICT is constantly evolving and is essential to the way we live and work at Grace Academy Coventry strongly considers that ICT capability is essential if students are to make effective use of modern technology to enhance learning in all subject areas and, later, in the wider world of work. Our goal is to offer and deliver a wide ranging provision of ICT to all students across the whole school curriculum.