Exams 2021

Year 11 and Year 13 ECA (Evidence Collection Activity) timetable: 2020/2021

There are up to three windows within which you may have ECA assessments. These are the assessments upon which the School Assessed Grade will be based. No previous pieces of work or mock examinations are to be considered in the TAG, with the following exceptions:

  • GCSE Art and GCSE Performing Arts. Because of the specific performance-based nature of these subjects, some further evidence will be taken into account. There will still be a requirement for students to complete a written ECA assessment in Performing Arts. If you have already received an examination unit grade for any part of a BTec or Vocational subject, this will be considered when formulating your TAG if it is a fair reflection of your performance.
  • In BTEC Business and BTEC Health and Social Care, there will only be one ECA assessment paper required, with the remainder of the TAG based upon the Internal Assessment work (Coursework) completed.

Your subject teachers will inform you as to which ECA windows apply to your subject and the work leading up to that window will be preparing you for that assessment. If there are any requirements for these ECAs (Calculators, specific equipment, etc) these will be shared with you beforehand.

ECA week 1:


Week beginning 29th March
ECA week 2:


Week beginning 3rd May
ECA week 3:


Week beginning 24th May


Please direct any questions to Mr Brehon (Senior Assistant Principal) or Mr Slattery (Vice Principal)