Head Boy & Head Girl

David Bentley and Glorieness Depisco joined Grace Academy 6th Form in September 2019 and were successfully appointed as Head Boy and Head Girl.

“My time at Grace Academy has been a journey that has moulded me into the person I am today. Being in 6th Form has taught me to be independent with my learning and to use my resources efficiently.  The Academy has always ensured that the environment was suitable for me and my peers. As Head Girl, the responsibilities have given me the opportunity to listen to other students, hearing them voice their concerns and opinions within the Academy. The 6th Form team actively listen to the students and give everyone opportunities to be a part of a team. 6th Form is a community which ensures that the physical and mental well being of each and every single student is well. The progress that I have made in my subjects during 6th Form have put me in a position to apply to University through UCAS which is essential for my chosen career path. I believe that coming to 6th Form will allow you to flourish into the great person you can be.“

Glorieness – Head Girl

“6th form has really allowed me to develop my independence as a student and as a young adult. I have learnt so many different life skills that can apply to the world of employment which I am very grateful for. 6th form staff really care about students and want to see us develop. I have experienced this myself because teachers have gone out of their way to help me especially during the lockdown period. I really enjoy the smaller class sizes at 6th Form which mean I can get more one to one support with my work. I believe that my studies have broadened my passion and knowledge of my subjects. For example, I have helped develop my analytical skills and also my understanding of different religions, cultures and backgrounds in Philosophy and Ethics. My studies in Applied Science have developed my knowledge of human anatomy and laboratory skills which I believe are fundamental for my Health and Social degree course.”

Davey – Head Boy