The Department for Education and Ofqual have confirmed that all external examinations timetabled for the Spring Term will take place as scheduled. At Grace Academy Coventry, these examinations involve some students in Year 11 and Year 13. The examinations will still take place on site premises as previously arranged and at the times communicated on individual student timetables. It is expected that students must arrive for a morning exam by 8:30am and by 13:00pm for an afternoon exam. They will be met with members of the examinations team on arrival to the site. I have attached a schedule for the Spring Term 2021 examinations for your reference. For those students taking these external examinations, revision and briefing sessions have been scheduled on Google Classroom during normal timetabled lessons and students have been communicated about additional sessions by their subject teachers through Google Classroom. It is essential that students attend these sessions in order to maximise their success in the examinations.

The expectation from the Department for Education is that new content will be covered in the remote Google Classroom lessons. Therefore, we intend to continue with the assessment schedule sent earlier this year. As a result of having students in self-isolation we have already successfully held remote examinations this year and whether we are still in a national lockdown or back in the Academy, assessments will be taking place to inform the teacher working at grades (collected in March 2021 and June 2021). This means, your son/daughter will have the opportunity to improve the grade they received before the Christmas break through virtual learning.