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‘The Grace Way’ Anti-Bullying Charter

As a member of Grace Academy, our students, staff, and governors promise:

  1. To show respect to everyone we encounter, following our Academy Ethos in making Grace Academy a bully free zone. 
  2. To not hurt anyone verbally, mentally, or physically. 
  3. To not discriminate against others. 
  4. To not take part in cyberbullying through the means of text, internet, phone calls or any other form of communication. 
  5. To not be bystanders, but instead speak up when we or others need help.
  6. To report any cases of bullying to the Safeguarding Lead/member of staff if we are students, and to the Principal if we are staff. 
  7. To not take matters into our own hands. 
  8. To think about our actions and words, and how they can affect others.
  9. To encourage one another to make positive choices and take responsibility for our own actions. 
  10. To always treat others how we would like to be treated. 

Our Values

We can achieve so much more than we think we can


Success doesn’t happen by mistake


Everyone deserves to feel valued and important


Honesty and doing the right thing are what really counts


Life is better with fresh starts and second chances