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Exams 2021/2022

Internal Exams


AP1 for Year 11/13- 15th – 19th Nov
AP1 (All other)- 8th – 19th Nov


Our Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 AP (Assessment Point) subject tests are to be held between 28th March and 8th April. They are not timetabled as formal exams, so subject teachers will choose to hold these at the most appropriate time for their subject/class. In class testing is the most appropriate way of assessing what students know and can remember over time prior to their GCSE exams in Key Stage 4.

These assessments are a test of interleaved learning, and the topics provided on the attached documents are to support in any preparation you may want to engage in, although the tests are a culmination of knowledge over time.

In addition, we have provided a link to the Oak Academy website (, as they are an advised source of curriculum information/support, as cited by the Department for Education.

We stress that these are not formal examinations. They are important mid-point assessments which take into account learning over time and allow teachers to review their curriculum to identify any gaps in knowledge and address any misconceptions students may have.

Please click on the attached documents for relevant guides to assessed topics:

Please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any subject specific questions, or Mrs Cooper ( for Key Stage 3, or Mr Brehon (  for Key Stage 4 if you have more general queries about the assessments.



External Exams

Once the examination entries have been confirmed, we will add the whole-school examination timetable. Students will also be issued with their own individual timetable based upon their entries.

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