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Curriculum Intent

Geography at Grace academy Coventry will provide students with a wide range of Geographical knowledge. Students will be given the opportunity to develop ideas and make informed judgments. They will be encouraged to be model global citizens and stewards of their world by demonstrating integrity and mutual respect for everything around them.

Through the study of both physical and human Geography, students can explore their own sense of place and space. Students will have the opportunity for extra-curricular learning whereby they can visit and explore destinations enabling them to apply powerful knowledge that they can relay back to their classroom learning. Students will have the opportunity to carry out fieldwork which will allow them to gain first-hand, practical experiences which support and reinforce knowledge, skills and concepts explored in the classroom. 

Our curriculum will prepare students to access both Post 16 and Higher Education opportunities showing their limitless potential. They will have relevant and meaningful knowledge to access the growing geographical and technological sectors, building on the values and understanding learned through Geography at Grace Academy. 

This term, we are studying…



Why this? Why now?

Year 7

What are Ecosystems?


We need to understand how ecosystems consist of biotic and abiotic components before we go on to study specific biomes.

Year 8

Our Frozen Planet

This topic is how the Earth and specifically how the UK was affected by glaciation in the past.  You will understand the processes created, landforms left behind and how this influences modern Britain.

Year 9

Why does our Earth shake?

You will study Plate Tectonics and how this process is responsible for the continents, mountains and oceans seen today.  You will also investigate how earthquakes and volcanoes work.  These are key concepts required at GCSE.

Year 10

How do coasts shape the land?

This topic introduces students to the interactions of humans and nature at our coasts.  You will study different types of waves, coastal landforms and how these precious areas can be managed.  This will lead in to a field trip later in the course to study first hand and collect data about real issues.

Year 11

Exam briefings

Revisiting content before exam papers.

Qualification information:

Curriculum content:

Attached are the curriculum maps which outline the sequence we use in order to structure our learning. If you would like to support your child's learning, we have attached links to Oak National Academy who provide lessons, activities and resources for commonly taught topics. Please use the curriculum map for this subject before visiting:

Our Values

We can achieve so much more than we think we can


Success doesn’t happen by mistake


Everyone deserves to feel valued and important


Honesty and doing the right thing are what really counts


Life is better with fresh starts and second chances