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Health and Social Care

Curriculum intent

In the UK, our publicly funded health and social care system is both a cause of national pride and our largest employer. The Health and Social Care curriculum is designed to allow students to explore the skills and knowledge needed of work in a range of roles but also the ethos behind the desire to provide free health care for all.
It is our intent to provide students with powerful knowledge on human development, factors
which impact on development and the services and professionals who support people with their health and wellbeing. Students will develop the academic skills of application, analysis, evaluation and research. They will also study the key care values and personal attributes required by health and social care practitioners, many of which link directly with Grace Academy’s own core values. Through theory and application to case studies the students analyse the impact of anti-discrimination policies within the sector along with how religious, cultural and personal beliefs can impact on care provided and accessibility to services.
This is a vocational course, which means theory is always applied to a selection of case studies,
providing a variety of clinical and moral questions for students to consider and work through.
Retrieval practice is built into the curriculum to enable us to link new learning with existing
theory to prepare for the examined units and also ensure the synoptic coursework evidences the highest marks possible.
The course will inspire students to strive to achieve their potential and gain positions within the
health and social care system where they can make a positive difference in our society.

This term (term 6), we are studying… 



Why this? Why now?

Year 10

Barriers to accessing health and social care services 

By the end of this term you will have completed Component 2, Learning Aim A. We have to discuss barriers to accessing services and potential solutions in the last section of the coursework.  


Year 12

The roles of professionals and how they work together to provide the care and support necessary to meet individual needs

By the end of this term you will have completed Unit 5. For this coursework we have to evaluate how multi-agency and multi-disciplinary working can meet the care and support needs of specific individuals.

Year 12

Double award 

How health is promoted to improve the health of the population and how health promotion encourages individuals to change their behaviour in relation to their own health 

By the end of this term you will have completed Unit 8. For this coursework you have to produce a report on how a specific health promotion campaign has contributed to improving the health of a community.

Qualification information:

Our Values

We can achieve so much more than we think we can


Success doesn’t happen by mistake


Everyone deserves to feel valued and important


Honesty and doing the right thing are what really counts


Life is better with fresh starts and second chances