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Curriculum Intent

The PSHE (RSE) Curriculum at Grace Academy Coventry seeks to provide a curriculum accessible by all and is shaped to the context of our Academy. The curriculum is structured to enhance our students’ personal growth, emotional wellbeing, appreciation of our British Values, as well as promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

The Curriculum teaches the skills needed to help students navigate opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of life. It develops the students’ knowledge and understanding of health and wellbeing, relationships, living and contributing to the wider world. It equips students to become confident and resilient learners to take a positive, active role in a diverse society. It provides students with the skills needed to stay safe within the community, as well as a safe environment within the Academy where they’re able to discuss a range of topics while enhancing SMSC development and cultural capital. 

Developing from Year 7-Year 13, our spiral curriculum is age appropriate yet challenging with topics being developed and built upon to increase powerful knowledge. An example of this is teaching our students the importance of healthy relationships which is taught throughout KS3-KS5 through PSHE lessons, tutor sessions, assemblies, and enrichment lessons. 

Our PSHE spiral curriculum is embedded within Personal Development which is delivered throughout everyday life at the Academy and is underpinned by our Grace Values of Amazing Grace, Mutual Respect, Genuine Integrity, Limitless Potential, and Intentional Excellence. 


Curriculum content:

Attached are the curriculum maps which outline the sequence we use in order to structure our learning. If you would like to support your child's learning, we have attached links to Oak National Academy who provide lessons, activities and resources for commonly taught topics. Please use the curriculum map for this subject before visiting:

Our Values

We can achieve so much more than we think we can


Success doesn’t happen by mistake


Everyone deserves to feel valued and important


Honesty and doing the right thing are what really counts


Life is better with fresh starts and second chances