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Technology and food

Curriculum Intent

At Grace Academy, students receive a Design and Technology and Food curriculum which allows them to build on pre-existing knowledge through creativity, designing and making. Students are taught to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make a product. Skills are taught progressively to ensure that all children are able to learn and practice in order to develop as they progress through the curriculum. Our extra-curricular provision allows students expand on their knowledge and skills giving them the opportunity to apply these in a wider context.

We pride ourselves on having an inclusive department where our schemes of work include a range of culturally influenced projects. We use a range of equipment and machinery to equip students to utilise these when making their products inside or outside of school.

We want our students to be able to use all the knowledge and skills that they have developed through their learning journey in Design and Technology and apply to any career path they wish to take.

This term (term 6), we are studying… 



Why this? Why now?

Year 7

DT - Moroccan Lantern Project


FOOD - Kitchen Skills

We need to understand key design processes to be able to move onto development and making and learn key skills within the workshop.

We must understand the importance of safety in the kitchen to ensure we are developing kitchen skills safely to make our recipes.

Year 8

DT - Art Nouveau Mobile Phone Holder


FOOD -Commodities

To understand how design movements can influence design in the modern world. This will now influence your own design.


To know which commodities to use to make different recipes and develop skills in creating a full method and recipe using these commodities.

Year 9

DT - Wind Mill - Electronics


FOOD - Food Science

To understand how electronics can be used within design. This includes new “making” processes to prepare for GCSE.


We are to understand how food science can affect the outcome of a recipe and to know how different methods change the end result. This will then inform your GCSE food project.

Year 10

RMT - Acoustic Phone Holder


FOOD - Exam Preparation

To understand the structure of an NEA project and prepare all required skill areas in Research,  Design, Modelling/Making  and Evaluation, in preparation for the GCSE project.

To reflect upon previous skills learnt and implement this   into your exam preparation and include all key elements to create a delicious and well planned outcome.

Qualification information: 

Food and nutrition:

Resistant materials:

Curriculum content:

Attached are the curriculum maps which outline the sequence we use in order to structure our learning. If you would like to support your child's learning, we have attached links to Oak National Academy who provide lessons, activities and resources for commonly taught topics. Please use the curriculum map for this subject before visiting:

Our Values

We can achieve so much more than we think we can


Success doesn’t happen by mistake


Everyone deserves to feel valued and important


Honesty and doing the right thing are what really counts


Life is better with fresh starts and second chances