Post 16 Support

It is important that all students have the best possible conditions and preparation to help them achieve the best examination results they can. This page and set of links aims to give guidance and advice while outlining the national examination rules and regulations. It is intended to help students, parents and carers understand the exams process and what you have to do, where the Academy can help and what the rules are.

Exam Guidance for students and parents/carers

Other revision resources

Corbett Further Maths
BBC Bitesize Functional Skills
BBC Bitesize – Help with revision and stress management

Also remember to check our subject page links for the critical content materials you need. There will be revision sessions taking place across the school as exams draw closer, please make the effort to attend, future you will appreciate it once you get your exam results (even though it doesn’t always feel that way now).

Most importantly, if you’re not sure what to do or are feeling overwhelmed please speak to your teachers or the ethos team. We can only help you if we know you need help!

Year 13 Pre-Public Exam Timetable

Date Start Finish Subject
Mon 2nd March 08:45 10:45 Maths Paper 1
11:10 12:40 Psychology Paper 1
Tue 3rd March 08:45 10:45 Biology Paper 1
08:45 10:45 Physics Paper 1
Wed 4th March 08:45 10:45 Chemistry Paper 1
11:10 12:55 Italian Reading and Listening Paper 1
Thu 5th March 08:45 10:45 Maths Paper 2
Fri 6th March 11:10 14:10 English Literature Paper 1
Mon 9th March 08:45 10:45 Biology Paper 2
08:45 10:45 Physics Paper 2
11:10 12:55 English Literature Paper 2
11:10 12:10 BTEC Sport Paper 1
Tue 10th March 08:45 10:45 Maths Paper 3
11:10 12:40 Psychology Paper 2
Wed 11th March 11:10 13:50 Italian Writing Paper 1
Thu 12th March 08:45 10:45 Biology Paper 3
08:45 10:45 Physics Paper 3
Fri 13th March 08:45 09:45 Spanish Paper 1
08:45 10:45 Chemistry Paper 3
Mon 16th March 08:45 10:45 Chemistry Paper 2