Curricular Entitlement

Wider Curricular Entitlement

The student community within Sixth Form at Grace Academy Coventry is constantly encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities which enhance the work within their chosen courses. Variety, opportunity and quality are distinctive features of the curriculum offered to all students. A wide programme of activities and events ensures that students fulfill their potential – intellectually, personally and socially. An enrichment calendar will be published at the start of the academic year to give a detailed outline of all events. The activities will range from employability training to opportunities for sports leadership.

Education, Life Skills, and Life Changing Experiences

New learning experiences are an exciting part of many of the courses. These experiences come in variety of forms ranging from conferences to trips. Students attend lectures, seminars or workshops related to their subjects across the country in preparation for exams or developing personally.

At Grace Academy Coventry we aim to provide our young people with valuable experiences where they can develop skills to help with their future. Students who attended Zambia returned empowered, and matured. During the summer of 2011 students attended a team building experience in Sweden where they worked with students nationally in leadership activities. During 2014 students are venturing as far as Mexico to further enrich their experiences.

Business and Enterprise

Grace Academy Coventry is a specialist Business and Enterprise school. The Academy provides exciting opportunities for students to work with Academy staff and our business partners during the academic year. During Enterprise Week in November our Sixth Form students won a Stock Market Challenge held at Grace Academy Solihull, enjoyed guest speakers from Warwick and Coventry University. More recently one of our students visited the Royal Opera House after winning a business and enterprise Award. As part of the visit they were invited to attend a fund raising forum group to develop new ideas for The Royal Opera House. A valuable part of the enrichment programme, especially as part of our specialism, is preparing students to continue being successful once they leave Sixth Form. The employability programme is run by the academy’s business partners and has a number of different events throughout the year to support our students to continue with their success once they leave.

Higher Education and Careers Advice

The future of students is vitally important. To inform and guide students on their chosen career paths, professional advice is available from key staff, the Head of Sixth Form, student’s personal tutors and local Universities. This year the academy is working Careers Torch and this is proving to be a successful partnership in supporting students to make the right choices. University and college applications are supported by a thorough programme.

As well as student workshops, students have access to prospectuses online. Opportunities to hear speakers from, and make visits to, institutions of Higher Education are available every year. Organised visits are made to open days at local universities including Aston, DeMontfort, Birmingham and Coventry. Students are supported in securing work experience in field that is appropriate to their studies or career path.

Sport and Recreation

Sport and recreation is available to all students and could include football, badminton, basketball or staying healthy by using the gym. Students with a particular talent in performing arts can be part of the academy’s flagship performance each year. Auditions take place in September and rehearsals run through to April when they perform.

Social Activities and Student Voice

Sixth Form at Grace Academy Coventry is a lively, active community which offers leadership opportunities to a range of individuals. Our students have their own common room with bespoke furniture and access to tea and coffee facilities. Sixth Form students have been instrumental as part of the Academy Student Ambassadors and have implemented positive change and developing as leaders. The school year will have a variety of social activities agreed with students in September. Students will also have the chance to apply to be part of the Sixth Form Committee bringing about change directly to their Sixth Form.