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Grace Academy basketball students have played in the Coventry Schools League and have won it every year and the top school in the West Midlands from 2012-2016.

As well as this we were able to becoming the top 32 schools in England for basketball, the year after top 16 and then after that top 8 so we made massive improvements as a school. Previously the school had good basketball talent, but just was not noticed, one of which Callum Lawson has gone to the states to play college basketball.

The basketball academy is a great, friendly environment that has allowed me to improve as a player and a person both on and off court. Basketball has opened so many doors for me and I have been given many opportunities. After I finish 6th Form I am  hoping to go university or take a year out and go abroad to play some sort of European Basketball to see how they play in other places, and hopefully moving on from this I then am hoping to get opportunity to go to the states to play at college level.

Basketball overall has giving me many opportunities and allowed me to build many friendships. The Basketball Academy has enabled me to also gain qualifications in basketball such as Level 1 coaching and refereeing. As well as this the help provided by my coach Mr Garvey  has helped me to understand the game more and helped me gain key skills which I then added to my game allowing me to become the player I am today. Also the Academy has given me a great way to study alongside playing basketball, for me to improve more as an individual player to help me reach my goals and aims.”



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“The Football Academy has helped me improve technically as a player with things such as my defending ,range of passing and crossing and finishing. I have better stamina, fitness and strength due to training everyday. I feel as if my confidence has improved and I am much more confident on the and off the pitch “

“Since I started The Football Academy I have admired all the coaches I am working with and also every time I spend training with them I get confidence from them that provides me with positives and self- belief. Since I started The Football Academy I have seen a lot of improvements in all my technical and physical skills such as speed, strength, flexibility and balance with the ball. I try to keep practising my finishing touches with both feet and now I feel good in every game and training session as it makes me happy”

“Since joining the programme I have learnt very important life skills. For example my punctuality, attitude and discipline have improved dramatically. I have found an inner belief allowing me to have the much more confidence and responsibility and I now take penalties for the team”.

“It is a place you can forget about everything and just enjoy playing the sport you love”

“By joining The Football Academy my confidence has increased massively so I can now stand in front of a group of my peers and others . Also with the great coaching I get, my self- belief has come on leaps and bounds with my technical skills. Anything you take from the football pitch you can apply in real life”

“Something as simple as football turning 22 strangers into a family”

“One Goal , One Love , One Family, One Game”

“Started here unknown, Finishing unforgettable”

“I enjoy The Football Academy because I can improve my skills and the coaches push me to get better and improve everyday”