What will I study

Units: Biological molecules; Cells; Organisms exchange substances with their environment; Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms; Energy transfers in and between organisms; Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments; Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems;
The control of gene expression

How will I be assessed

Three examination papers (2 hours each) taking place in summer 2022. These will include multiple choice questions, long answer questions and examination of practical skills

Why Study A Level Biology

Biology is an essential, or at least a highly desired qualification, for a large number of careers as well as an excellent subject to study alongside many other subjects. Having a biology qualification shows you have developed skills in team work, analytical, problem solving and numeracy; all of which are highly valued by all employers and universities.

Entry requirements

Standard Grace Academy 6th Form entry requirements.
Grade 5/6 or above in GCSE Combined Science or Grade 6 in GCSE Biology.

It can lead to careers such as:

Biology is a key subject for lots of STEM careers, particularly in healthcare, medicine and jobs involving plants or animals. The list is pretty long and includes: nursing, dentistry, forensic science, psychology, physiotherapy, botany, environmental science, zoology, geology, oceanography, pharmaceuticals, energy, teaching, science writing, genetics and research.