BTEC Applied Law

What will I study

Dispute Solving in Civil Law
Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System
Applying the Law
Aspects of Family Law

How will I be assessed

There are three mandatory units that learners must complete, one internal and two external. Learners must complete and achieve at Near Pass grade or above in all mandatory external units and achieve a Pass or above in all mandatory internal units.

Learners must also complete one optional Unit ( Family Law).

Why study BTEC Applied Law?

BTEC Applied Law is designed to appeal to learners who are interested in a career in law or who are planning to go to university and want to gain a good understanding of law. This course carries the same UCAS points as the A-level

Entry requirements

Standard Grace Academy 6th Form entry requirements.

It can lead to careers such as:

It can lead to careers in the legal sector, journalism and the public services