Curriculum Intent

We aim to be aspirational, proud of who we are and seek what is true, just and fair.

We believe that all of our students should be happy and safe and have the limitless potential to succeed; and with a positive attitude of mutual respect, genuine integrity and amazing grace, they can strive for intentional excellence and our curriculum reflects this.

The purpose of our curriculum is to prepare students:

  • to be kind, caring citizens who are inspired by our Christian ethos, who contribute to society and the community, and to be the best version of themselves
  • to have secure knowledge and the foundations to make the right decisions both for themselves and society
  • to be resilient learners who are able to access future pathways in their lives regardless of their starting points
  • to have access to a high quality curriculum that challenges them

Our bespoke curriculum puts reading and writing at the core of every students’ development. This ensures that when our students leave Grace Academy they have broader lifelong opportunities in both employment and personal development.

We place a substantial amount of emphasis on our curriculum principles enabling academic, cultural, mental and moral growth; ensuring all students are challenged in relation to their starting points.  Alongside this, we focus on broadening students’ core subject knowledge and knowledge of the wider world broadening their cultural capital.

Rehearsal, repetition and retrieval are at the heart of our learning principles in the acquisition of this knowledge and the transfer into Long-Term memory.  We seek to create Independent and Interdependent learners. This stored knowledge is what enables our students: to listen, to reason, to question and to evaluate. Ultimately preparing our learners to achieve in school and in life beyond school.