What will I study

You will be given the opportunity to develop fieldwork skills and study geographical issues and impacts, building on from key stage 4. Core units will investigate rivers, floods and management and population change. Options units cover a wide range of topics

How will I be assessed

Unit 1 – Physical and Human Geography 35%
Unit 2 – Geographical Skills 15%
Unit 3 – Contemporary Geographical Issues 30%
Unit 4 –Geography Fieldwork Investigation or Geographical Issue Evaluation 15%

Why study A Level Geography

Geography is widely regarded due to its fluid, problem-solving nature. Geography would be particularly relevant for students considering a future in architecture, town planning, finance, accountancy, teaching, civil service, social sciences and economics. In particular, an A level in Geography signals to universities and employers your ability to plan, discuss and evaluate, as well as an ability to use both literacy and numeracy skills. Geography opens the door to a wide range of careers and opportunities in the future and develops your social and communication skills through fieldwork.

Entry requirements

Standard Grace Academy 6th Form entry requirements.

It can lead to careers such as:

The analytical and research skills gained from your geography A Level are attractive to a range of employers. Jobs that geography can lead on to include surveying, environmental roles, teaching and the armed forces.