Curriculum Intent

The Psychology department at Grace Academy Coventry seeks to teach powerful knowledge that will allow learners to develop excellence in Psychology, higher education, their future careers and their life beyond school. Learners will understand the importance of our biology and environment and the impact this will have on our behaviour. Learners will know, understand and be able to apply psychological perspectives and knowledge to real life situations, institutions and contemporary examples. This is important because it will enable young people to understand how interactions between our nature and nurture shape outcomes for themselves and other groups.

Our intent is that through the study of the Psychology curriculum students are better prepared to develop integrity and understand the impact of their actions and the actions of others and how this ultimately shapes all our outcomes. This understanding and knowledge will be the foundation they need to lead fulfilling lives and make a valuable contribution to society. In order for students to develop powerful knowledge we will reinforce key concepts throughout, retrieving knowledge at regular intervals and reapplying to new areas, to enable learners to make connections. Learners will be given opportunities to explore future careers in Psychology and related areas inspiring them to have limitless potential to achieve. During the Psychology course young people will acquire the ability to analyse arguments and identify the strengths and limitations of theories and findings, even those they initially disagreed, providing opportunities for learners to develop mutual respect. So that by the end of the two year course they will have powerful knowledge that will enable them to understand the importance of critical thinking and the impact Psychology can have on the lives of people in society.