Student Guide to Online Learning

Student Guide to Online Learning

How to access online learning:

  • Log onto your Google Classroom daily
  • If you do not know your username or password contact the school reception for help 02476 589000
  • Click on classwork to access the assignments your teachers have set
  • Click on stream to view any communication with your teacher
  • Once you have completed the work set mark the assignment as complete and upload the relevant work so your teacher can see it
  • If you cannot access online learning contact your HOY to arrange collection of paper copies


  • That you log onto your Google Classroom everyday
  • That you complete the work set
  • That you return the work to your teacher (if you are doing it on paper you can take a picture and upload it or e-mail it to your teacher)
  • Ask your teacher if you need any help
  • Try your best and make sure you complete a lessons worth of work
  • That you do not socially “chat” with your friends on the Google Classroom stream unless your teacher had allowed this

Grace Academy approach to online learning:

  • Teachers will be setting you work each lesson
  • Some subjects may be setting projects that last a few weeks
  • Some subjects are setting individual lesson work
  • Some subject teachers are doing live lessons
  • Where possible we are setting work that can be accessed on a mobile phone for students who have limited computer access
  • Teachers will be providing you with some feedback about the work submitted

Top Tips:

  • Give yourself breaks throughout the day to help your concentration
  • Try and get out and do at least one lot of exercise each day
  • Try and stick to your normal routine e.g. normal lesson times, breaks and lunch times
  • Sleep and eat well
  • If you are struggling emotionally, at home or with work contact your Head of Year or the Ethos time via e-mail or the school reception 02476 589000

Detailed Guides:

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Google Guide for Guardians

You can download this page as a Quick Reference Sheet.