Curriculum Intent

We as an Academy believe that Art, Craft and Design is a vital and integral part of our students’ education which provides opportunities to develop ways they express their individual creativity, plan and develop their ideas. This creativity is fostered through interactive talk which helps students’ flair and passion for the subject to know no bounds. The planning and design is fostered by practise and application of skills when making.

We also promote critical thinking through research and investigation, this enables our students to understand their own cultural heritage while also having an appreciation of other cultures from around the world. Through this in Art, Craft and Design, we combine our Grace values as an Academy to build the foundations so that students can carry this appreciation forwards throughout later life.

We explore a range of artists from different backgrounds and use reading, writing and oracy to appraise their effectiveness. This acts as the pivot for individual development as all students can discover each individual facet that makes them an artist, craftsperson designer.

We grow together: all students’ journeys are different and we embed the skills necessary to broaden students’ prospects for moral, mental and academic growth. The knowledge required is mastered through retrieval which gives all learners a platform from which to evolve skills.