Why study Geography?

A good qualification in Geography can lead to a great variety of employment possibilities with its combination of knowledge, decision making, analysis, cultural awareness, environmental awareness, bridging the gap between arts and science, practical use of ICT, and – last but not least – literacy and numeracy competence! It’s also a life skill: we all need skills of map reading, knowledge of places and understanding of other cultures. It can even add to the enjoyment of all those wonderful holidays you may have in the future (and perhaps business trips!).


Will Geography suit me?

Good geographers are those who:

  • have a real interest in the world around them
  • have a sense of awe and wonder at natural landscapes and processes
  • ask questions like “What caused that earthquake?” • have an interest in the human world • ask questions like “Does my town have any sustainable transport examples?”, “Will there be too many people in the world by the time I retire?” and “Why are our cities like this? How might they change?”
  • have an interest in the global environment • ask questions like “Is global warming happening? Why? What will it mean?” and “Are our actions sustainable?”
  • like to carry out primary (practical) fieldwork in different environments

There are many other issues we study, too, but if these are things that interest you, then Geography could be a good idea. Good geographers are also those who are willing to contribute positively in class, who can meet work deadlines, and aspire towards a great pride in their work and high academic achievement.