Curriculum Intent

Geography at Grace academy Coventry will provide students with a wide range of Geographical knowledge. Students will be given the opportunity to develop ideas and make informed judgments. They will be encouraged to be model global citizens and stewards of their world by demonstrating integrity and mutual respect for everything around them.

Through the study of both physical and human Geography,  students can explore their own sense of place and space. Students will have the opportunity for extra-curricular learning whereby they can visit and explore destinations enabling them to apply powerful knowledge that they can relay back to their classroom learning. Students will have the opportunity to carry out fieldwork which will allow them to gain first-hand, practical experiences which support and reinforce knowledge, skills and concepts explored in the classroom.

Our curriculum will prepare students to access both Post 16 and Higher Education opportunities showing their limitless potential. They will have relevant and meaningful knowledge to access the growing geographical and technological sectors, building on the values and understanding learnt through Geography at Grace Academy.

Will Geography suit me?

Good geographers are those who:

  • have a real interest in the world around them
  • have a sense of awe and wonder at natural landscapes and processes
  • ask questions like “what caused that earthquake?”
  • have an interest in the human world
  • ask questions like “does my town have any sustainable transport examples?”, “will there be too many people in the world by the time I retire?” and “why are our cities like this? How might they change?”
  • have an interest in the global environment
  • ask questions like “is climate change happening? Why? What will it mean?” and “are our actions sustainable?”
  • like to carry out primary (practical) fieldwork in different environments

There are many other issues we study too, but if these are things that interest you, then Geography could be a good idea. Good geographers are also those who are willing to contribute positively in class, who can meet work deadlines, and aspire towards a great pride in their work and high academic achievement


  • To stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the world around them
  • To encourage pupils to have an open, enquiring mind and be independent and interdependent learners
  • To perceive Geography in the context of a wider body of knowledge, vocabulary and skills
  • To provide a basis for lifelong study, and the pursuit of the personal interest in the subject even beyond the school


A good qualification in Geography can lead to a great variety of employment possibilities with its combination of knowledge, decision making, analysis, cultural awareness and environmental awareness.