Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent in Mathematics is to understand there is a purpose beyond the classroom.

Being able to recognise the importance of Mathematics in life and in society will equip students with the knowledge and ability to solve real life problems. We focus on understanding what students already know and build on their prior knowledge.

Our curriculum is designed to give our students the best opportunities in both employment and personal growth by focusing on fluency and reasoning and problem solving. We place a real emphasis on teaching Mathematics from a first principle basis to allow students to gain a deeper understanding. Most career options require the ability to think logically and quantitatively in order to analyse and solve problems. Throughout our curriculum we place a real emphasis on incorporating these skills into our daily lessons.

We aim to inspire students to become deep, independent and analytical learners which will enable them to have the resilience to solve everyday problems. Mathematics is critical in Science, Technology and Engineering and necessary for the advancement of our future generations. At Grace Academy Coventry we want our students to develop an appreciation of the beauty of Mathematics as well as a sense of enjoyment and curiosity for the subject.

Curriculum Map

Maths 5 year Curriculum Map 2019 2020


Year 7 – Critical Content
Year 8 – Critical Content
Year 9 – Critical Content
Year 10 – Critical Content
Year 11 – Critical content ALGEBRA
Year 11 – Critical content GEOMETRY
Year 11 – Critical content NUMBER
Year 11 – Critical content STATISTICS

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